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In collaboration with IU Geology and Archaeology

For this project I was tasked with two things. One, being the cleanup and re-texturing of 2 of 5 scanned bones from the skeleton seen below. Two, being the cleanup, remodeling with anatomical accuracy, slicing, and orientation of around 30 different bones from many different scans of existing Megalonyx skeletons. Then creating a 1:1 scale replica of a Megalonyx Jeffersonii skeleton out of laser-cut, laminated chip board. Each bone was broken down, cleaned up from scan data, and run through a slicing program in Fusion 360. My team and I worked closely with a metal working shop to create the framework for the skeleton to be mounted upon.

Check out the button below for more in-depth information on the project.

Programs used:

- Maya

- Zbrush

- Fusion 360

- UVLayout

- Photoshop

3D Art: Text
3D Art: Work
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